How does Happy Yarn Mail work?

Happy Yarn Mail is a monthly subscription service that brings you a box full of yarn goodies delivered straight to your door every month. It runs similarly to a magazine subscription, with your box arriving sometime during the first week of every month.

A limited number of boxes will be listed for sale at 12:00 am EST on the 1st of every month. You have until 11:59 pm EST on the 15th of that month to place your order/sign up for your recurring subscription, or until our limited number of boxes sell out. There will be no boxes for sale between the 16th and the end of the month.

Once you sign up for the subscription, you will be charged for that month's box and be rebilled on the 1st of the following month, in advance of your next shipment.

What's included in my box?

In your box each month you'll find - 

  • A printed, all color crochet pattern designed exclusively for Happy Yarn Mail - you can't find this pattern anywhere else!
  • The materials needed to crochet the pattern (everything except hooks)
  • Extra crochet-related freebies custom made just for HYM subscribers

What kind of pattern can I expect?

Happy Yarn Mail is owned and operated by crochet designer behind the Sewrella blog, Ashleigh. All HYM box patterns will be designed by her exclusively for Happy Yarn Mail Subscribers. To check out her past crochet work & free patterns, visit the Sewrella blog.

How much does Happy Yarn Mail Cost?

One box of HYM costs $29.95 (+shipping & handling). When you sign up for the monthly subscription, you'll be charged $29.95 (+shipping & handling) at the time of signup, and be rebilled on the 1st of the following month, in advance of your next shipment. You can cancel anytime, there are no commitments.

You can also try Happy Yarn Mail for just one month - with this option you'll be charged $29.95 (+shipping & handling) once with no strings attached and no recurring payment. But we have a feeling you'll love HYM so much that you'll come back for a subscription anyway. 

What's the difference between Happy Yarn Mail and the Mini Box?

Happy Yarn Mail includes:

- An exclusive crochet pattern designed by me just for HYM! (see photos for examples of past patterns)

- All the yarn you need to make the project

- Any other materials needed (like the perfect amount of polyfil stuffing, safety eyes, buttons, or other items) [crochet hooks not included]

- Access to the exclusive video tutorial for the pattern

- fun crocheter's surprise extras! They'll always be a ton of fun, promise.

The mini box includes just:

- An exclusive crochet pattern designed by me just for HYM

- The yarn necessary to make the pattern (hooks & additional materials not included - some months you may need a button, polyfil stuffing, safety eyes, or other basic craft store supplies. These will NOT be in your Mini box)

- Access to the exclusive video tutorial for the pattern

How do I sign up?

CLICK HERE to subscribe to HYM & CLICK HERE to sign up for our email newsletter list (you'll get all HYM updates straight to your inbox).

Where do we ship?

Happy Yarn Mail now ships all over the world, to over 240 countries!

When should my box come?

We will be shipping all of our boxes between the 25th & 30th of every month, and you should receive your box every month during the next week, 2-5 days from the ship date (or up to 14 days from the ship date for international orders).

Who ships Happy Yarn Mail?

We use the United States Postal Service (USPS) to ship all boxes.

How much is shipping?

All shipping is calculated based on the weight/size of package and how far it has to travel from my home (in Florida) to yours.

I'm ordering internationally, are there any additional fees?

Shipping fees on international orders, like all other orders, is calculated based on the distance your box is traveling. So shipping charges may be a bit higher than those boxes shipping within the United States.

As with any internationally purchased goods, when your box comes through customs in your country, there may be additional fees that the customer is responsible for. Some countries won't let you pick up your package until fees are paid, so be sure to check with your local customs department for a more individual estimate.

How does the subscription work? When will I be charged?

The cost of your first box will be charged immediately upon purchase of your plan. When you sign up for your subscription (between the 1st & 15th of that month) you will receive that month’s box and be rebilled on the 1st of the following month, in advance of your next shipment.

For example: Purchase your month to month plan on the 6th of March. You will immediately be charged $29.95 (+shipping & handling) and your first box will be shipped between the 25th - 30th of March. You will then be re-billed on the 1st of April, prior to the shipment of your second box (shipping April 25th - 30th). Subsequent re-bills will occur on the first of each month unless you cancel your subscription.

How do these new add-on products work?

So glad you asked! I'm teaming up with artisan handmade makers to bring you exclusive Happy Yarn Mail crocheter's add ons that can only be found here. Add them onto your box order or order them individually. When ordered with a box, everything will come packaged together!

(Hooks and yarn bowls are NOT included in any box purchases)

I don't like my box. Can I return it?

All Happy Yarn Mail Sales are final. The purpose of these boxes are to bring a fun, happy box of yarn to your door every month. Not every box will be the absolute perfect project for every individual's taste & style, but we do promise it'll be a whole lot of fun!

How do I cancel my subscription?

The cancellation of your month to month recurring payments will take effect immediately upon your request. If you have been rebilled prior to cancelling your payment, you will receive that month's box. After cancelling your recurring payment, you will not be re-billed and therefore your box will not be shipped the following month.

Just send us an email at happyyarnmail@sewrella.com with the full name and address the order was placed under. We will be sorry to see you go!


How do I contact you?

Feel free to contact us anytime by emailing happyyarnmail@sewrella.com