MYSTERY Limited Edition Crochet Hook

MYSTERY Limited Edition Crochet Hook

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Happy Yarn Mail is now offering limited edition handmade crochet hooks along with each month's box sales!

***These products are not included in the boxes, but are available as a separate purchase***

You remember the sprinkle crochet hook made by Hook.N.Clay that sold out in May & June - starting this month we are featuring MYSTERY handmade, custom crochet hooks designed just for Happy Yarn Mail and won't be available anywhere else.

These hooks are made to match the surprise contents of that month's box. THEY WILL BE AVAILABLE ONCE AND NEVER SEEN AGAIN! Be sure that you don't miss out on these ultra-limited edition hooks.

July's hook size is G/6 4mm. We have some ergonomic shaped hooks (pictured) & some straight handle hooks (not pictured). Both styles are available in inline hooks (pictured) and tapered hooks (not pictured), available on a first come, first choice basis. Once hooks are sold out, they are no longer available!

There aren't many to go around, so grab yours before they're gone!

Check out Jenny's previous work at her website & on Instagram.